Sars Vacancies: Administrator: IL Client Services Administration

By | November 22, 2018

Administrator: IL Client Services Administration

  • Assupol Life
Reference #
  • 16/11/2018
  • South Africa
Main Purpose
  • To ensure the professional processing of clients requests
Job Functions
  • Administration
  • Insurance


    • 1. Attend to client queries
    • Confirm documents have been received for loan applications; amendments; changes to beneficiaries; noting of cessions; payment method change; broker notes or cancellation enquiries
    • 2. Process changes to payment methods; personal and contact details and beneficiaries
    • Validate clients personal information
    • Update changes on the system (changes to debit order; or to PERSAL)
    • Update changes to personal and contact details
    • Update changes to beneficiaries
    • Make notes on the system
    • 3. Process amendments to policies
    • Validate clients personal information
    • Capture amendment on the system (Future wealth) eg. Increase/decrease term; adding/removal of assured lives
    • Print out policy and refer to Actuarial department and New business department if underwriting is required
    • Make notes on system once approval has been received
    • Send to MSSI for commission payments
    • 4. Process cancellations
    • Validate client personal information
    • Retirement:
    • Check values on the system
    • Process the cancellation and refer to the Actuarial department
    • Suspend premium payment
    • Process payment if value is less than minimum required by SARS
    • Activate paid up status if the value exceeds the minimum required by SARS
    • Inform the client and make notes on the system
    • Surrender
    • Check values on the system
    • Cancel the policy
    • Submit documents to Supervisor for payment
    • Single Premium
    • Check if there was any partial surrender within the first 5 years
    • Inform the client the request cannot be processed if there was a partial surrender
    • Process request and submit for payment if there was no partial surrender
    • Single Premium Policies without values
    • Process the cancellation
    • Make notes on the system
    • 5. Re-in state policies
    • Validate clients personal information
    • Check policy type
    • Refer to new business for medical if there is life cover and waivers
    • Process re-instatement if it is within the allowed period
    • Make notes on the system
    • 6. Process cessions
    • Validate clients personal information
    • Note cession according to the bank request
    • Inform the bank and the client in writing
    • Make notes on the system
    • 7. Process Loan Application
  • Validate clients personal information and loan status
  • Check documents and that the loan contract is signed correctly
  • Capture the loan application on the system, the loan amount; repayment terms and premium
  • Submit to Supervisor for payment
  • Make notes on the system


    • 1. Formal Education
    • Matric
    • 2. Technical/Legal certification
    • RE 5 (Advantage)
    • 60 or 120 credits on NQF level 5 Wealth Management (Advantage)
    • 3. Experience
    • 3 Years’ experience in client services administration
    • 4. Knowledge
    • Legislation
    • Assupol Statute
    • Insurance Products
    • 5. Skills
    • Computer Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Analytical Skills
    • Time Management
    • Attributes
    • Attention to Detail
    • Team Player
    • To be able to work under pressure
Job Closing Date
  • 27/11/2018